Route # 2



Using mainly Ordnance Survey Maps 103 and 104, the route concentrates mainly around North East Lancashire and the West Yorkshire regions. All lanes are relatively easy, damage free (to your vehicle) and you shouldn't be hassled by landowners. But most importantly, in my opinion, are sustainable. The route as shown here if a bit fragmented due to a lack of greenlanes in Lancashire.

Please no more than four vehicles at a time.


873235 - 887246 Starting at Bacup centre heading N.E.
888247 - 912251 Flower Scar lane towards Cornholme.
995325 - 017352 Hebden Bridge to Oxenhope via Wadsworth Moor.
102453 - 113470 Over Ilkley Moor to Ilkley (Map104).
908509 - 910531 East Marton to Bank Newton (Map 103).
931546 - 905565 Gargrave to Bell Busk, watch out for horseriders on here.
882577 - 857566 Otterburn to Hellifield via 871584. Be careful at level crossing.
902551 - 884530 Ratione Tenurae road from Coniston Cold.
886526 - 905510 Ratione Tenurae road back towards East Marton.

DISCLAIMER: All routes driven at your own risk, if in doubt check their legality yourself !