Route # 3

Lake District


Using mainly Ordnance Survey Map 97, the route concentrates mainly around Lake Windermere and Lake Coniston regions. All lanes are easy, though a couple are a little narrow, and you shouldn't be hassled by landowners. But most importantly, in my opinion, are sustainable. NOTE: The Hierarchy of Trail Routes (HoTR) innitaitive is in operation in this area, any 'No 4x4s/No Vehicles' signs must be strictly adhered to !!

Please no more than four vehicles at a time.


531855 - 526850 Easy UUCR starting near jctn 36 (M6).
503841 - 496848 Mabbin Hall BOAT, sometimes overgrown.
451893 - 436896 Scenic BOAT/UUCR from Row.
408869 - 403844 UUCR via Simpson Ground.
327863 - 317860 BOAT to Colton.
319874 - 324894 Oxenpark to Ickenthwaite.
340898 - 340910 UUCR to Force Mills.
337908 - 336913 Woodland track to Low Bowkerstead.

DISCLAIMER: All routes driven at your own risk, if in doubt check their legality yourself !